Race Calendar

This is Ben's race calendar and results for the cyclocross season 2018 - 2019

Date Event Country Result
Sept-18 Longridge Rotary CX 1st
Sept-18 Forme Notts & Derby League Round 3 1st
Oct-18 HSBC UK Cyclo-Cross National Trophy Series Round 1 u23 1st
Oct-18 UEC Cyclo-Cross European Championships (UCI/CC) u23 4th
Nov-18 Niel UCI Cross u23 1st
18/11/18 Hamme-DVV Trofee DNF
25/11/18 Koksijde- World Cup 4th 
08/12/18 Essen 12 (Elite)
16/12/18 Zonhoven- Superprestige 2nd u23
23/12/18 Namen- World Cup 8th
26/12/18 Zolder- World Cup 28th
28/12/18 Loenhout-DVV Trofee 1st
30/12/18 Diegem-DVV Trofee 2nd u23
1/1/19 Baal- DVV Trofee 1st
13/01/19 National Championships 2nd 
27/01/19 Hoogerheide- World Cup 3rd 
03/02/19 World Championships u23 6th 
09/02/19 Lille-DVV Trofee u23 3rd 
10/02/19 Hoogstraten- Superprestige (Elite) 11th
16/02/19 Middelkerke-Superprestige 30th (Elite) 
17/02/19 Hulst DNS